Deepest reverence, that a simple, sacred courtesy can offer. Syllables of greeting, sound of spirits, rhythm of souls. A quest, beyon...

Friday, October 31, 2014

For Love

The beacon of
Unwavering luminosity
Claws and scrapes
At dark night,
Ripping it apart,
Devouring the pieces
Like a savage, ruthless beast.
Untamed and livid,
The night falls again,
Only to leave in shreds.
The joy in her heart bold,
The dawn celebrates
The victory.
Of light within.
Of beauty over beast.
Of day over night.
Until dusk
And then
Complement and complete.
Such is their love.
All lines are blurred,
Hazy mists of dawn and dusk,
Transcending boundaries.
And such is their love.
When the beast turns human,
The beauty,
An illusive beast.
Such love is not sin.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday's measly minutes #2

Ten minutes on a busy Monday and my mind travelled back to home. My second week of Monday musings for today borders heavily on my hometown love.

Dear Monday,
I was in heaven for last few days.
That is what home feels to me these days.
Most of my conscious life has been spent away from the place but deep down i am still a girl from a hilly hamlet. Rooted to the smallest dot on the huge map of landscapes.
Far away from the clutter of ever evolving technology driven savvy human beings.
People here know each other by name, by face, by parentage and by everything that defines being human.
People are still concerned, definitely nosy and snoopy about the affairs of society at large. Seemingly, the concept of societal welfare was born here. That the term welfare is relative and far-fetched is a separate matter of course.
So smallest event becomes a breaking news spreading faster than fire.
Smallest joys become events of lifetime.
A Dominos in the town is a thing of prestige.
So is the accredited Archies store.
Such is my town.
Simple but not simpleton.
And this is where my heart lies.
The moment the bus begins traversing the meandering tracks of hills, my smile widens, ear to ear. The lush greens, the fresh air with a chill to it, the perennial waters flowing nonchalantly. They all make me fall in love with my hometown over and over again. I just can't seem to have enough of this heaven.
No matter what glamour and glitter these tinsel towns offer, read pizzas, donuts, tacos, PVRs etc., it is the two square meals and dilapidated theatre of my native that I crave.

Welfare unto all...

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Echos of you

The ears ache for that voice,
That distinct accent of yours,
Only a reverberation now,
Difficult to replicate and repeat,
Eyes miss you at the doorstep,
Patiently waiting for hours
For my homely retreat,
Your mundane musings,
Constant and consistent,
Simple small things
That you would have loved,
Simple small things
When you should be around,
Simple small things
That widen the void,
Simple small things
That will never be same again.
Your rosary beads
Gleaming in the dark,
Your staff by the side of your bed,
Your things,
Untouched, unmoved.
Your lingering presence,
In the atoms of your room,
You are not just a picture on the wall,
You stay with us,
Obscured by the misty realms
Of the world beyond
Yet so conspicuous,
So very conspicuous.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday's measly minutes #1

This week I begin a new series. And I am going to call it
Monday's measly minutes
Every Monday we sweat it out at our workplaces and we are bombarded with deadlines and exigencies and issues and reports. And midst this professional clutter we forget to live and breathe our Mondays. Hence these Monday's measly minutes. Just ten minutes for something that I would love to do. Ten minutes of writing, ten minutes of flow, ten minutes for myself, ten minutes by myself and ten minutes after my own heart, ten minutes that I am determined to make worth of on a Monday. And we can all connect over these ten minutes ... Encourage ... Motivate ... Inspire and Admire.
I am going to pen my Monday diaries. To be able to share what the day has offered to me, my thoughts on titbits, hopes for the week ahead … basically anything and everything that comes to my mind .... And my reflections are going to be typed and brought unedited as they flow for ten minutes straight...
I guess the real challenge will be to find ten minutes on a Monday and if I can do this on the busiest day of the week, I guess I can do it on any other day as well …
So my measly minutes begin ...

Dear Monday,
You began with a start. I don’t remember when I put the alarm off rather than putting it on snooze and I wonder how long I would have been sleeping if not for that untimely what’s app message. And when the reality dawned the clock had started ticking in the reverse ... So a little but of this and little bit of that became hurried little bit of this and very hurried little bit of that ... By the time I hit the road to meet my colleague who picks me up for office  these days... Warm up and workout had been done ... I wonder why people have to fret over all this weight and workout plan when all they can do is rise up late every morning and rush to office ... Trust me it works the same way … or so it seems to me ... And while we are talking of workout, out I would like to share that I have  completed a virtual walk of Arches National Park yesterday clocking some 4km per hour and I hope to be able to sustain it this whole week which is very far fetched ... Not because I fear getting up late every morning but because its Diwali time here and Diwali means I will be busy ... Plus I will be going home ... To have that “Ghar wali Diwali”  ... Talking of which I am also reminded that I have yet to pack my bag and I have to put in all the stuff i got as Diwali gifts ... and that includes ... 
The office party return which was this pretty pink scented candle set

... I loved it so much ... I bought a similar one in lemon shade for folks back home ...
Then, one of the close friends at work has given me this ethnic earthen lamp set. Is not it simply awesome …

And I lost the lucky draw … so that’s that. 
As a side thought, there's  a new book on my shelf ... 

Well I think I am running out of time ... So everyone have a safe blessed sparkling glittery and prosperous Diwali ..

And Monday, I seriously hope I won’t dread you once we get to know one another better ...

May the odds be ever in your favour
and till we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand …

Welfare unto all …

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scramblings : Long

Long days have given way to long nights now. The dusk descends and the darkness envelopes in its folds. The dawn too is covered in a foggy misty blanket, thick and totally opaque. The extended summer has now finally given way to the sweetness of early winters. When smoked sweet potato, roasted corncob or american corn tempt the taste buds. A cup of coffee, a book in lap and a mild shawl wrapped loosely against the balmy chillness. Just sitting in the balcony in the rocking chair looking at the infinite panorama. I lack the nuisances of accomplished prose and poetry and thus fail to do proper justice to the many delights of winter ... But I crave the splintering winters, thick and numbing morning dew, swirling noon mist, rings of smoke amidst hushed whispers, words vaporizing in the mist, chimneys ablaze, fire in hearths and warmth in ...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Eventide of nostalgia

Sombre black nights
Of receding moon,
Deep darkness
Contrasted by the
Brilliant lights of civilization,
The nigrescent spread
Bejeweled with
Ruby crimsonness,
Complemented by the
Citrines, emeralds, sapphires,
Amethysts, opals and tourmalines,
The supernal happiness
All sentience.
The days are whiled away,
In the clamor of files,
Undoing and redoing efforts,
Behind the conjuring tricks
Of sunlight,
The twilight wears
The vermilion mask,
Turning into a perfect jester,
Eventide flawed with nostalgia,
Impeccably swathed in jocosity,
The dim dusk
Clothes itself in fragile mirth
Of lights, gifts, and celebrations.
Oh, and I long to be home.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Autumn winds of night

What do i care for the
Autumn winds of the night
For even when the last leaf hath fallen
And none remains to flutter in tandem
A green little twig,
An infantile promise remains,
Likewise, the whispers of dawn
Cradled in the lap of genial breezes.
Winds delight.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The evenings are bedight

Days blend into evenings sooner than expected.
Clocks mislead.
So by 6P.M., the cloak of dusk has already fallen over the urban camaraderie.
The bustling traffic looks like red and golden streaks against the dark backgrounds.
Ardent, ablaze, aflare and aroused.
The twilight is set alight by very many festive Chinese illuminations bedecked like brides on the four walls of skyscrapers, shopping malls, and houses.
After all, it is "the festive season" of India jam-packed with back to back celebrations, with barely breather days inbetween.
Despite the glowing LEDs, my evenings are always draped in black cafards. Bedight with melancholia.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Billions busted

Dearest Flipkart,

We all know that the plan was huge.
It would have re-written the history of e-tail in some glittery and glossy chapters.
But it busted and ruptured mid-air.
All the image building and brand building has been brought to a near cipher.
The internet based social platforms are full of complaints and hurtful messages.
The damage has been done.
And the questions galore.
Both on the survival and modus-operandi of the e-tail.
As far as I am concerned, I believe it is ok to dream big, falter, gather ourselves up again and fight back.
Nothing wrong.
But in the process, do not play with the trust of we, the distant customers.
Don’t mess up our orders simply because we are not there right before your face, checking the size, color and stuff you are packaging for us. Do not mislead us with your pricing strategy if it is unjustified because we are relying on your brand name and not comparing the prices. Do not promise what cannot be delivered rather than giving us dreamy eyes and cervical pains.
This will fallback not only on you but on the entire e-tail industry.
So next time if you do not have something that we want, politely refuse.
It will earn you more credit than sending flip flops in place of sport shoes and replacing Nike with Puma or cancelling an order after processing all the payment steps.
We all want e-tail to stay and I am personally very impressed by the way you guys have come to influence our lives. I am pretty sure there are others too out there who believe in this industry and its future.
Our faith in you is not a play thing.
So make us an offer we can’t refuse. But like people with good character and justified means, keep up to those promises.
Go as far as you can see and when you get there, see further and move ahead.

A well-wisher.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

All in Mom's day

It’s a holiday.
Only not for her.
The house is
There is fresh dinner
On the table.
The laundry is also done.
Not to forget the now mollified tantrums of grandsons.
Finally, I sleep to the honeyed sound of her lullaby.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Scramblings for "new"

New is what is beyond the
known realms
and new is
what we do not know yet.
But new attracts.
New fascinates.
Be it a new addition to your wardrobe,
To the accessories in the closet,
New satchel,
New books,
New class,
New anything.
New has always promised
An inexplicable joy.
Formidable yet encouraging.
Like testing waters with caution,
Yet forging ahead.
New beckons.
New begins.
New ends.
New is celebration of life.
Every breath is new.
Every thought is new.
Every single eye blink reveals new.
Every sunrise is new.
And every sunset
Is different from the previous.
New is the rule of survival.
New maketh the plasma of living.
The scramble of words,
Cannot put together what new means
And why new matters.
It can only cement
That new is the only law
That works
Without calling for amendments.

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Friday, October 3, 2014


The day's done.
The birds,
who had flown out
for food and fodder,
at the break of dawn,
are now returning
back to their nests,
warmed with autumn foliage.
Hungry fledglings
awaiting anxiously,
the moist crumbs
of love,
the warmth of
the snug laughter.
The winged tinies,
tucked in,
the blanket,
the neatly woven yarn of
twigs and sprigs,
safe and secure.
Their little hearts yearning to
spread the wings,
dreams contained
only by that lofty perch.
A cackle at the sight of dawn,
and they take to the skies again,
sunlit and raw.
An endless flight.
An elixir.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thursday table cost

His business suit,
A little crumpled.
What with day's deadlines?
Still on time.
For an early dinner
The ring.
All nerves.
And all butterflies.
But she walked in,
With black coat and black tie.
Thursday table cost?
A broken heart.