Saturday, October 25, 2014

Echos of you

The ears ache for that voice,
That distinct accent of yours,
Only a reverberation now,
Difficult to replicate and repeat,
Eyes miss you at the doorstep,
Patiently waiting for hours
For my homely retreat,
Your mundane musings,
Constant and consistent,
Simple small things
That you would have loved,
Simple small things
When you should be around,
Simple small things
That widen the void,
Simple small things
That will never be same again.
Your rosary beads
Gleaming in the dark,
Your staff by the side of your bed,
Your things,
Untouched, unmoved.
Your lingering presence,
In the atoms of your room,
You are not just a picture on the wall,
You stay with us,
Obscured by the misty realms
Of the world beyond
Yet so conspicuous,
So very conspicuous.

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