Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dragon of desires

Dragon of desires,
Soaring on the wings of flame,
Beguiling invite.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

At that time of the night

Oh and it is that time of the night,
when sleep forsakes me in nightly rite,
for you walk in my oneiric world,
unbidden and thus all hath been whirled,
in rising smoke of passionate light.
You walk in like some angel bedight.
Beholding, 'tis such a lovely sight.
Flitting moonlight, star-spangled and pearled,
at that time of the night,
clandestine rendezvous by starlight.
Shadows alive in the folds of night,
melting in the heaven where they're hurled.
With the rhythm of night, now spent and swirled,
the dream will drift away by the light.
At that time of the night.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wavering equation

I spent my day,
wrestling with formulas,
picking values from this sheet,
fitting them in that one,
desperately trying to even out
that whopping 30 million difference,
until my eyes began to water,
figures blurred
and I forgot counting basics.
Some job, you will think.
But this was just today,
one amongst many of those days
that appear on the horizon quarterly,
and eclipse my confidence.
But when the clouds of audit will pass,
I will be racking my brain with legal paraphernalia.
Unlike the 8:00 AM of salary-day love,
I relish this wavering equation
I share with my work.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Us together

Forever beside,
like spring in spirit and heart,
at our worst and best.

The ringing phone

It is one of those few times
when I get to listen to my ringtone.
I tend to forget the tone,
so, the incoming ring resounds
for some time, quite some time.
Lengthily, I recognize the tune,
then rush to respond,
before the phoner disconnects,
only to receive shrill sound
of someone trying to sell property
to unknown somebody.
Politely, I inform
of not being the person
they were trying to connect to,
like countless previous times
in thirty-eight months.
Discussion ends.
Screen unlits, stripped of light,
but my eyes rest there, fixed.
Couldn't you phone me erroneously?
Even once?

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