Sunday, June 25, 2017


A lifeless ageing courtyard,
across the fence
that marks the territory
of our dwelling,
was littered with
crisp decaying foliage
until a short while ago.
after a few rains,
it looked transformed.
The lush abundant greens,
shimmered in sunlight.
Like life,  in all its verdancy,
beauteous and resplendent
and just like life,
the rustling leafage whispers
that there is always a hope.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


We swirl to desires,
under the blanket of stars,
till the break of dawn.

Linking with Haiku Horizons : Break

Day end

The day draws to close,
the doorbell rings twice, wait ends.
I break into smile.

Linking with Haiku Horizons : Break

Monday, February 13, 2017


Some yesterdays,
we sat together
on a rickety age old chair
made of teak wood,
treacherously balanced
by our uneven weights,
sharing little tidbits,
browsing the galleries that held
our picture-perfect kodak moments.
The ever responsible you
had warned me about
the splinters
I might get
and the madcap that I am
I unheeded,
laughed off your caution,
and sat right beside you.
Caught up in simplicity
of such moments,
we attempted to
fathom our complexities.
The chair sits empty today,
forsaken and gathering dust.
The keepsake
breathes our laughter.
And I can't bring myself
to chuck out the relic.

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