Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Billions busted

Dearest Flipkart,

We all know that the plan was huge.
It would have re-written the history of e-tail in some glittery and glossy chapters.
But it busted and ruptured mid-air.
All the image building and brand building has been brought to a near cipher.
The internet based social platforms are full of complaints and hurtful messages.
The damage has been done.
And the questions galore.
Both on the survival and modus-operandi of the e-tail.
As far as I am concerned, I believe it is ok to dream big, falter, gather ourselves up again and fight back.
Nothing wrong.
But in the process, do not play with the trust of we, the distant customers.
Don’t mess up our orders simply because we are not there right before your face, checking the size, color and stuff you are packaging for us. Do not mislead us with your pricing strategy if it is unjustified because we are relying on your brand name and not comparing the prices. Do not promise what cannot be delivered rather than giving us dreamy eyes and cervical pains.
This will fallback not only on you but on the entire e-tail industry.
So next time if you do not have something that we want, politely refuse.
It will earn you more credit than sending flip flops in place of sport shoes and replacing Nike with Puma or cancelling an order after processing all the payment steps.
We all want e-tail to stay and I am personally very impressed by the way you guys have come to influence our lives. I am pretty sure there are others too out there who believe in this industry and its future.
Our faith in you is not a play thing.
So make us an offer we can’t refuse. But like people with good character and justified means, keep up to those promises.
Go as far as you can see and when you get there, see further and move ahead.

A well-wisher.

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