Saturday, October 4, 2014

Scramblings for "new"

New is what is beyond the
known realms
and new is
what we do not know yet.
But new attracts.
New fascinates.
Be it a new addition to your wardrobe,
To the accessories in the closet,
New satchel,
New books,
New class,
New anything.
New has always promised
An inexplicable joy.
Formidable yet encouraging.
Like testing waters with caution,
Yet forging ahead.
New beckons.
New begins.
New ends.
New is celebration of life.
Every breath is new.
Every thought is new.
Every single eye blink reveals new.
Every sunrise is new.
And every sunset
Is different from the previous.
New is the rule of survival.
New maketh the plasma of living.
The scramble of words,
Cannot put together what new means
And why new matters.
It can only cement
That new is the only law
That works
Without calling for amendments.

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