Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday's measly minutes #2

Ten minutes on a busy Monday and my mind travelled back to home. My second week of Monday musings for today borders heavily on my hometown love.

Dear Monday,
I was in heaven for last few days.
That is what home feels to me these days.
Most of my conscious life has been spent away from the place but deep down i am still a girl from a hilly hamlet. Rooted to the smallest dot on the huge map of landscapes.
Far away from the clutter of ever evolving technology driven savvy human beings.
People here know each other by name, by face, by parentage and by everything that defines being human.
People are still concerned, definitely nosy and snoopy about the affairs of society at large. Seemingly, the concept of societal welfare was born here. That the term welfare is relative and far-fetched is a separate matter of course.
So smallest event becomes a breaking news spreading faster than fire.
Smallest joys become events of lifetime.
A Dominos in the town is a thing of prestige.
So is the accredited Archies store.
Such is my town.
Simple but not simpleton.
And this is where my heart lies.
The moment the bus begins traversing the meandering tracks of hills, my smile widens, ear to ear. The lush greens, the fresh air with a chill to it, the perennial waters flowing nonchalantly. They all make me fall in love with my hometown over and over again. I just can't seem to have enough of this heaven.
No matter what glamour and glitter these tinsel towns offer, read pizzas, donuts, tacos, PVRs etc., it is the two square meals and dilapidated theatre of my native that I crave.

Welfare unto all...

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