Friday, October 17, 2014

Eventide of nostalgia

Sombre black nights
Of receding moon,
Deep darkness
Contrasted by the
Brilliant lights of civilization,
The nigrescent spread
Bejeweled with
Ruby crimsonness,
Complemented by the
Citrines, emeralds, sapphires,
Amethysts, opals and tourmalines,
The supernal happiness
All sentience.
The days are whiled away,
In the clamor of files,
Undoing and redoing efforts,
Behind the conjuring tricks
Of sunlight,
The twilight wears
The vermilion mask,
Turning into a perfect jester,
Eventide flawed with nostalgia,
Impeccably swathed in jocosity,
The dim dusk
Clothes itself in fragile mirth
Of lights, gifts, and celebrations.
Oh, and I long to be home.

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