Sunday, September 28, 2014

Residual thought

Because this life is all but
Atoms of carbon and hydrogen
Woven creatively,
And working through
Intricate mesh of chemical reactions,
Releasing and absorbing energy
In a synchronized manner.
A huge complicated atomic cluster
Put together
For an infinitesimally
Small moment.
A couple of breaths.
The rise and fall of chest.
Beyond that?
And nix as it may be,
It is this rhythm,
Now rising now falling,
That determines
Our stay here.
It is this
Movement of diaphragm alone
That matters
To those who know the trade of medicine ...

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Thursday, September 25, 2014


So I sit again,
In pleasant morning air,
Ready to inspect
The wasted soul,
To make sense of
My time and
My journey here,
To set the red hollow
In tandem with
The grey matter.
The light eludes.
All I feel is
The echo
Of the day
And its clutter,
Smothered thoughts
Muffled words.
Thousands waves
Rip through
My veins.
The silence lures
But evades.
The session ends
Things look
Much the same
But yonder.
And slowly,
The day unfolds.
With the
Cantankerous clamour,
Pregnant with
Possibilities and plausibilities,
Mechanic motions
Assure breathing
Whither living?

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Friday, September 19, 2014

The black veil

The veil of the black night
Does not inconvenience me.
I am not scared of
What conspires beneath the
Dark envelope.
It is the shadows
Lurking in the
Sleepy squares
And quiet corners
That unsettle me.
The murmurs of the night,
The susurrations,
Of course!
The mysteries
Of the sunlight hours
Come to
Plague the hours of darkness.
The hushed conspiracies
Stirring up
The buzz of katydid
In the silent hours.
The unfathomable
Comes to haunt.
And yet intrigues.
Conscious of
Every single footstep,
Black-eyes on prowl,
Ominous rumblings,
The fascinations tempt

Undo me.


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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ready ... Not yet ...

Not yet.
So basically
I will be
Making an effort
To make sense out of
Hurried words
Put together.
Something comprehensive
Will be weaved.
Though chances look bleak.
But as they say
Effort counts.
But I am not sure
If I should write about goodbyes
Or good mornings.
About not being ready to say goodbye
To promises whispered
Under the stary skies
Or being ready to face new beginnings
In the golden tint of sun.
I don't know if reverberating silence
Will inspire me
Or ...

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lost to quest

The hushed beating of
Lilting desires.
The twilight crawling
Muted footfalls.
And beneath the
Darkening skies,
The blank canvas
Coming alive with
The fond caresses.
Its just cold rain
And shivers running down the spine.
When the silence surrounds,
The rhythm
Of yearnings resonates,
Warm embraces
Linger in the air,
The verbosity,
And the suppressed
Hang heavy.
In the quest
To become whole,
I lost myself
Like the
Frigid foaming waves,
Rolling, crashing
Breaking at shores.
Over and over again.
The wounds still bleed,
Dim moans escape.
And dreams
Are occasionally
With passionate undertones.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014


The loud whispers
Over the
Shunting clamour,
The blurred landscapes,
The varied hues,
From dusty browns
To lush greens
To brick rusts
And concrete greys
The timelessness of acres
Mixed with
The bustling kilometers
Far and few,
The unsophisticated amiability,
The numerous tales unfolding
The sparkling speed of wheels,
Some journeys
Cherished for their ends
Some for the story they weave.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Busy Tuesday morning at crossroad. A familiar but unintelligible grumble drowned in the blaring horns. A mini traffic jam. Struggling cars. Unspared revilements. Scared, rooted, numb. The mind busy working its way out. The gruff voice again. This time closer. Instinctively I look up. And there he was. Balancing himself strategically on his crutches. His speech totally incomprehensible. He stood right in the middle, muttering, risking life and causing bedlam. Till I looked up. Gestured if I am fine. I smiled and nodded. And he moved on. Totally oblivious to blaring cacophony behind him. It had been a few days.

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