Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lost to quest

The hushed beating of
Lilting desires.
The twilight crawling
Muted footfalls.
And beneath the
Darkening skies,
The blank canvas
Coming alive with
The fond caresses.
Its just cold rain
And shivers running down the spine.
When the silence surrounds,
The rhythm
Of yearnings resonates,
Warm embraces
Linger in the air,
The verbosity,
And the suppressed
Hang heavy.
In the quest
To become whole,
I lost myself
Like the
Frigid foaming waves,
Rolling, crashing
Breaking at shores.
Over and over again.
The wounds still bleed,
Dim moans escape.
And dreams
Are occasionally
With passionate undertones.

Linking with Velvet Verbosity: 100 words: Quest

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