Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sleep, my babe ...

The watchman had seen her grow up before his eyes.
She had always been his “Little Missie”. And did he love her. He literally danced on her fingertips. Now, she was standing before him. Covered in a thick black shawl, she had held his old hands in her own - the hands that had taught her to walk. She had placed all her confidence in him. Would he fail her hope? Could he fail her hope?
Teary eyed, he opened the wicket gate and helped her run away with that boy she had come to love. He bade her farewell and closed the door silently. The memories of her running through the lawn, shouting on the top of her lungs were vivid.
Did they come here? Did you see them?” The shouts of his master and his aides were coming closer. He composed himself and busied himself in singing his old cradle song
Sleep, my babe, lie still and slumber,
All through the night
Guardian angels God will lend thee,
All through the night ….
When they questioned him, he feigned innocence. “They will not understand my love for him ever. You got to help me.” The words had pained him. No, he would not betray her confidence in him. He wondered if she will remember him, now that she was gone.
His master and servants looked here and there and then left. And he resumed his song …  Sleep, my babe, lie still and slumber ... Guardian Angels God will lend thee ...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three bears, yes the Three Bears

Three bears, yes the Three Bears.
Together they played, together did they cheer.
Big and strong, medium and small,
In a sweet little home - for summer and fall.
One fine day, they cooked porridge in pot.
But could not eat it, for it was boiling hot.
So, out for a walk, they all did go,
And cold, they let their porridge grow.
And when they were out, walking in green,
In came a little dame, in the place kempt and clean.
Golden hair and golden frocks,
They called the little girl “Goldilocks”.
The scent of porridge had carried her in,
And she sat to eat, but did not fit in,
She showed no courtesy, she did not wait.
She ate hurriedly and she ate in haste.
She burnt her tongue but she did not care,
She had good chance, when the bears were not there.
She hurried through spoons and plates and tin.
So, she sat down to eat but did not fit in,
For the chair was big and she was small,
She tried the smaller and then smallest of all.
She sat through the bottom of the small wee chair,
And from the smallest bowl she ate every morsel that was there.
She had a bad heart and a bad mouth too.
She went about the house, through and through.
Then she saw the cozy beds,
The blankets bright and the neat bed-spreads.
She tried them all one by one.
But like the littlest one, she found none.
And while she slept and snored and dreamt,
The bears were back to a strange scent.
They were sorry to see the porridge gone,
And the sight of the broken chair made them all forlorn.
Cautious they swept through the rooms and stores,
Till in the small wee bed, they heard her snores.
Their shrill sound woke her up from dreams,
Up she sprang and ran through open screens.
They know not what 'came of her, the little Goldilocks;
The one with the golden hair and golden frocks.
This teaches not to steal and sneak,
Good lessons does this story speak.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Together ...

Go ...

Togetherness is not about talking
It is about the comfortable feeling one gets when one is talking.
It is being able to listen to the other’s point of view.
It is about being able to share what one is thinking.
Togetherness is the knowledge that we may not agree but at least we dare to respect what other has to say.
It is about being able to look out at the same horizon from different positions.
Togetherness is to be there to care, anyway.
It is about knowing that we live under the same sky.
It is praying that God be with us, all the time, every time.
Togetherness is holding hands and enjoying the setting sun and shining stars.
Togetherness is walking together in the late years of the life.
Togetherness is the most vocal of all thoughts but yet it is silent.
Being together is not staying together.
Being together is being able to think of one another.


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Monday, April 16, 2012


Go ...

Bbye take care - a common signing out remark - typed so easily at the command of the mighty brain.
But the real life good bye is neither that simple nor easy.

Farewell my dear friend,
may God be with you,
through good and bad, from start till end,
He may see you through.

Good bye my dear friend,
It is hard to let go.
But this I promise you,
that I will not let my tears flow.

For may be round the corner,
we will meet again
And get to play in shining sun
or in the wonderful rain.

Goodbyes are not meant
to last forever ...
Good byes are meant
to bring us closer than ever.

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Beautiful dreams

Dressed in all her finery, Mekhla looked as beautiful as a new bride.
She had specifically told him to be early that day – “I will observe the fast today for your health and long living.”
“You don’t have to do that – you know. I trust you and your love for me”
“All the same, this is one way to get you home early today.”
She still remembered every detail of her wedding – the pious fire, the seven vows that brought them together. She was lost in the thoughts of the day they had tied the nuptial knot and the echo of the hymns in her thoughts was so real that it drowned his footsteps.
She was brought back to reality with a loud clearing of the throat. “You look beautiful”
Mekhla blushed – her cheeks turning a bright red …
… and Megha closed the book at this point. Fed on the local Mills and Boons, she soon drifted to the dreams where Mekhla was replaced by a resplendent Megha. Outside the full moon shone bright.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I am really sorry ...

I guess it is in books alone, that there are no spaces for sorry.
In life, it sure is otherwise.
So – for all those times when I failed you
I am really sorry.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Light ...

Go ...

He lights up our path
and guides us all the way.
We find Him close to heart
when all seemed away.
He never shuns, will never leave
All is good, when we believe.
He cares, He creates and it is He who destroys.
He is the cause and the effect, the sorrows and the joys.
Now that we see His light, shining bright,
we know it is going to be all right.

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Waiting for the roses

All she could hear was blaring horns. He must have been stuck in traffic jam. They are very common at this time of the evening … midst the rush of cars rushing home from office,.

Remember to get some roses.”  She hoped she had been audible enough. The connection had been weak and the voice had cracked near the end.
On the other end, an impatient Eddie waited for the jam to clear off soon. The phone call from his wife had been a pleasant distraction from the present milieu.

Remember to get some roses” … the voice had faded over the loud horn of the person parked next to him. As if a blaring horn could solve the problem. The cacophony was driving him insane.

He knew he would be making his purchase at Flowers and Blossoms – he wanted to call them in advance so that they would be ready with the bouquet as he drove in. He found the line busy.

As he sat gazing out his window a child came running with a bag full of bubble gun. The child fired a shot and the soap bubbles came floating in. They reflected beautiful hues from the evening lights. Eddie was tempted to burst one but checked himself. He looked away till he felt the child having moved on.

Almost immediately there was a loud explosion that sent his car flying into the air.
She heard of it in the breaking news of the local news channel.

She reached the sight without losing time. There were glass shreds and blood all around. Insects were buzzing around the dead remains. The paramedics were running around with stretchers to save precious lives.

She stumbled upon a cut arm and she recognized the wrist watch. She held it in her hands and went numb.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gift ...

Go ...

Some of the best gifts in this life are offered just like that ... you look around and you find a wonderful parcel that unveils treasure troves of smiles, joys and happiness.

Life has best of the things to offer. (And they do not cost you those pretty pennies either.)

Happiness from deep within
Joys that spring from heart
Serenity with each sunrise
Peace that dwells in mind
Strength to make efforts
Success in every facet
A healthy and hearty you
Family, always by your side
Close and caring friends
Love that never ends!!!

Priceless ... cherished and perfect life.