Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three bears, yes the Three Bears

Three bears, yes the Three Bears.
Together they played, together did they cheer.
Big and strong, medium and small,
In a sweet little home - for summer and fall.
One fine day, they cooked porridge in pot.
But could not eat it, for it was boiling hot.
So, out for a walk, they all did go,
And cold, they let their porridge grow.
And when they were out, walking in green,
In came a little dame, in the place kempt and clean.
Golden hair and golden frocks,
They called the little girl “Goldilocks”.
The scent of porridge had carried her in,
And she sat to eat, but did not fit in,
She showed no courtesy, she did not wait.
She ate hurriedly and she ate in haste.
She burnt her tongue but she did not care,
She had good chance, when the bears were not there.
She hurried through spoons and plates and tin.
So, she sat down to eat but did not fit in,
For the chair was big and she was small,
She tried the smaller and then smallest of all.
She sat through the bottom of the small wee chair,
And from the smallest bowl she ate every morsel that was there.
She had a bad heart and a bad mouth too.
She went about the house, through and through.
Then she saw the cozy beds,
The blankets bright and the neat bed-spreads.
She tried them all one by one.
But like the littlest one, she found none.
And while she slept and snored and dreamt,
The bears were back to a strange scent.
They were sorry to see the porridge gone,
And the sight of the broken chair made them all forlorn.
Cautious they swept through the rooms and stores,
Till in the small wee bed, they heard her snores.
Their shrill sound woke her up from dreams,
Up she sprang and ran through open screens.
They know not what 'came of her, the little Goldilocks;
The one with the golden hair and golden frocks.
This teaches not to steal and sneak,
Good lessons does this story speak.

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  1. Nice. I always felt Goldilocks was the villain in the story. The bears were just doing their thing and then in comes Goldilocks, self-centered and egotistical!

    1. I so agree. And thank you for reading and appreciating.

    2. Yes! Since when is the intruder not the one in the wrong?

    3. Thank you for reading and appreciating.

  2. How creative to do it in rhyming verse!! Wow!!

  3. I love the playfulness of your verse, Ruby

  4. This was very clever to retell the story in verse.

  5. My favorite so far. Great job !

    1. Thank you. This is so encouraging.

  6. Haha! I loved the way you kept the rhyme scheme up and converted the whole thing to poetry!!

    1. Thank you. And congratulations for making it to top three.

  7. I liked the way you brought the children's tale into a format digestible by children. And into a clear cut lesson- watch out kiddos, stealing and trespassing turns you into bear food.
    Thanks for linking up and please come back for the weekday challenge.

    1. Thank you editors for appreciating this.


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