Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sales, shopping and we

The usual Sunday morning began with a hot and steaming cup of tea over a heap of newspapers; two English and two Hindi.

But there was something that was unusual about that day.

"Mamma, there is a sale at Kiran Emporium, beginning tomorrow", shouted my usually calm and quiet sister.
An equally astonishing reaction came from my mother, working in the kitchen. Her mind had already started thinking about the "number" of suits she would buy from the Fashion Barista of the town.

The annual sale of Kiran Emporium in our town is no less than a festival. All the rich, affluent, working, middle class people throng the place with full devotion.

While I was taking in the scene at home, the phone rang. My father picked it up, shared the pleasantries and passed on the receiver the Mamma.

"The sale at Kiran Emporium begins tomorrow, what say???" came the excited and hurried voice of an aunt, who lives right next to us.
"Lets work out the program."

Another few minutes, and the phone rings again. Another feminine voice delivers the breaking news of the sale.
Yet another lady comes running with a pamphlet in her hand.

And this works out to an elaborate program of shopping.

Come Monday, the ladies of the locality hurriedly finished up their chores and at the appointed hour, all of them went together to the afore mentioned shop.
Picking up one suit, then another, looking for a steal in sale ... God, these were ladies on mission.

Mum ended up picking 12 suits. They were all a must have kinda. Her smile as big as the suit lengths and the  hefty bill did little to diminish it.

The shopping all done, both my sister and my mother vowed not to indulge in any more shopping for this season. "We have enough to last us this season."

And the next morning my sister comes clutching another pamphlet ... "Sale ... woolens flat 50% off."
And when I roll out my eyes, I am met with "but these are woolens Di".

Who ever said it was easy to please the ladies.

This is a contribution from my sister, Ruchi. Thanks Di for such a wonderful post and for sharing my love for shopping. For those who read this post regularly, I have already done a post on my shopping love here.
And trust me, I (or my sister) get no favors from Kiran Emporium for doing this post. It is just that most of (all of) our shopping gets done from this one shop, so she must have thought of including the name here.

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