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Friday, March 23, 2012



Loud and aloud,
Came the voice from deep down.
Go for it, this is your chance
To rhyme and reason and dance

I listened to it like every time I did
Not looking back to check
Any malice if it hid

Yes, I had heard the voice
The very loud and clear instinct
Like Some guardian guiding me
Some God giving me hint

The voice had been firm
And so had been the sound
I wonder who spoke
I wonder which friend I found

And then I realized
It was my own voice
Telling me not to give up
To make a right choice

The voice was loud and clear
Not frail and weak
Wherefrom had it received
The strength it always did seek

Gracious eternally, I listened to the sound
And everytime I did so,
Happiness is all I found.

Submitting this entry for Five Minute Friday.

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