Thursday, February 14, 2019

Will you be my valentine?

Stale saying.
Cliché adage.
My first attempt ever.
So I breathed deep.
Gathered my guts and confidence
and messaged
the overused phrase
to you.
“Will you be my valentine”?
“What does that entail”?
Your reply popped.
Almost instantly.
Umm. Hmm.
Only for a second.
“Just be my BFF and BAE”.
“Before anyone else”.
Done. Just like that.
Straight and simple.
Nothing like the over-oozing reel romance.
The KISS acronym at its best.
The soul at peace and rest.
Happy valentine’s, my soulmate.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019



Tuesday, February 12, 2019


That magical hug.
Warm. Tight. Welcoming.

Amidst the dark dense shadows,
the thick pall of gloom,
your hug raises an exuberant cheer
of hope.

And this is all I want
of you.
No promise.
No meetings.
Not even love.
Only that magical hug.
Warm. Tight. Welcoming.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Awkward laughs,
deep conversations,
speaking silences…
Like steel beams and
nuts and bolts,
pillar on pillar,
we built our foundations,
step by step, breath by breath.
The process engraved in grey matter,
translates into a plot of bestselling romance.
And then suddenly,
dark shadows eclipse these foundations,
these pedestals on which
we had built the tower
of our togetherness.
The orange globe of our love melts
into the freezing sea,
blending in to the purple of night.
Thus, I see our image
at the nature’s crossroads,
waiting for the ambient light.

Linking with Weekend writing prompt #88: Foundations 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Winter in the soul

As I snuggle beside him,
I feel his warmth.
The heat of his body,
the cosy mink blanket,
and his overwhelming,
care and love.
Its all warm. Balmy.
Inviting. And welcoming.
And I am all snow stricken,
frozen and cold.
All that warmth melts me.
But I still shiver.
He asks me if I am still cold.
No. I am not.
But I can’t tell him
that we have wandered
from sunshine
towards shadows.
And its not my body
but my soul that is cold,
shivery and frosty.
So I say yes.
Yes, I am still cold.
He hugs me tighter.
Sacrifices his space
and even sleep for me.
Cuddles me all night.
At length, I don’t know when,
I stop shivering and fall asleep.
Clutching him tighter than ever.
Holding him like a lifeline.
Only to see him wandering in the morning.