Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A waking dream

Just before the sky breaks,
in to the riotous shades of blue,
clear and unclouded,
I breathe myself against your chest,
and I can feel that subtle rise and fall of your diaphragm,
too soft to hear, too close to experience.
In those godly hours,
I breathe you like oxygen,
vital and indispensable.
I memorize you like sermons,
every single contour.
And I drink you like ocean,
quenched, yet unsatiated.
And then with daylight,
when I think of you,
I hear you or I feel your presence,
I scribble you frantically, my love.
But I don't dream of you,
for you are a constant companion,
a thought that never goes away.
And I hope you don't trust me when I say,
I don't dream at night,
for my endless dreaming begins with dawning,
when I imagine you stirring lazily on disarrrayed bedclothes.
No, I don't dream of you at all.


  1. This is so heartbreaking in its delivery. Lovely piece, Ruby!

  2. My favorite lines:
    I memorize you like sermons
    I scribble you frantically

  3. This is so lovely and heartbreaking, Ruby. I memorize you like sermons - what a beautiful line!

    1. Thank you Hema. I am glad the line goes down so well with you all

  4. I so love love poems. The longing and the religious connotations in "I memorize you like sermons." Yes! I think those metaphors are so strong that you don't need to explain them.

    1. I am so honored to hear such kind words.

  5. Also, that line "I hope you don't trust me" killed me dead in a good way. So surprising, but really true.

    1. Thank you so much for such heartwarming words


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