Saturday, May 21, 2016

Not a flower girl

Here I am,
in the waiting lounge
and instead of sipping on iced tea,
this time
I hold a little flower box in my hand.
Fresh flowers, a loud red,
look delicate but feel heavy.

A little chaos rages within me,
a steam unfurling in depths of heart,
a reflection of clamour outside.
I want to wave it off
as nausea of impending journey
But I know its not that
or maybe it is.

But flowers just don't do it for me.

If only the bus would start,
perhaps the rhythm of wheels
will overcome this sinking feeling.

Flowers! Seriously!

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  1. I'm not a flower girl either! My students often give them to me when they do a recital (I teach voice) and I smile, but I secretly think (Great, now I have to watch something wither and die in my house.) If they only knew a gift card to Starbucks would be way better, as I'd be sipping strong, black iced tea as soon as I could. Who started the cut flower tradition anyway?

    1. So I am not the only one.
      That is such a great consolation

  2. I would rather have a live plant I can grow in my garden. OR better... give me a plant I can cook with - thyme, sage oregano, basil.

  3. Eh, flowers. Give me a succulent any day! I like things that last!

  4. I like every small, but emotional detail. It's really beautiful that you can deal with your feeling by the rythm of wheel.


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