Saturday, November 8, 2014

Scramblings : Turn

Avli, I am standing near the JLN metro station. Trying to read the google navigator’s rights and lefts.  I realize that I am either directionally or technologically challenged. So, I am about to leave myself to the mercy of a rickety auto rickshaw. It is some 3 minutes drive to the place and I promise, all my senses will be working overtime. After all, safety saves.

Remember our little sojourn to the Advanced Studies, Avli. When the grandeur had come in full view, I had literally drooled over it with open mouth. Savoured the splendor with eyes. You, Avli, had laughed so hard.
Well, you could reply the laugh today for I am standing exactly in same pose.

And now that I realize how utterly ridiculous and wildly ludicrous I look, I try to reign in my greedy side. Like I have never been to some place like this ever before.

Alright, excitement checked. I move on. Exploring the ruins. Relishing the surrounding greens. The evening sun and early November air doing full justice to the aura and ambience of place. A photo here, a selfie there. I am totally engrossed.

History is a symphony of echoes heard and unheard. It is a poem with events as verses.
Charles Angoff

With the evening growing, it is getting a little inconvenient for me to tread these brick red trails.
However, the curiosity gets better of me. I still want to explore the remnants.
I don’t feel like leaving the place.
There is an inexplicable gravity. Some force that makes me stay.
I should but I can’t get myself moving back. The sun has set on the place, and the hush is falling on the place with intensity.
The guards have started to come in now. They are hustling the people out. It is time now for the sanctum to retreat to its privacy.
Why am I hesitating, Avli?
Why am I not moving?
What is it?

Will you be kind enough to take the exit to your right, Mam?
Wait, I know this voice.
Avli, I know this voice.
I turn back but it is so dark, I can barely see things.
It takes a time to adjust to the blindness.
I hear the voice again.
Gentle but urgent. Insistent with a force. Hypnotizing.
I am lured to it. Mesmerized.
I make out his silhouette. Talking to tourists.

The man has an imposing presence for a guard.

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Excerpts from NaNoWriMo Challenge : Sombre Sojourn


  1. Sounds mysterious. A Divine being from the other side or just someone from the past? Impressed that you wrote so much in 5 minutes. Dropping by from #fiveminutefriday.

  2. Now I want to read the rest of the story! Loved it today.


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