Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Monday's measly minutes #3


The cockcrow has brought good tidings.

And it is surprising how small things make a huge difference to the otherwise mundane and routine life.

Yes, it has been a most ordinary life. Like anybody else’s or perhaps everybody else’s. But we do not stop living it because it is ordinary. We try to find meaning in littlest of joys and we want to do away with tiniest of sorrows. Everybody strives to live. And same goes for me too.

To sum it all up, I was born a few years ago to the most loving family. I grew up, went to school and then to college. From a nestling to a bird – right before your eyes. I did what every child, teenager and young adult did at relevant times.

Routine life. Family. Eight-to-three friendships. Growing up. Job. And that's just about it.
Awesome so far.

There’s pleasure in being reminded of the value of ordinary life.
Karen Thompson Walker

But sometimes extraordinary does happen. And that transforms the taste of living. Like a dash of pepper and salt to the bland curd.

Something of the sorts has happened.

Avli … Avli … O Avli …

I wrote this on Monday ... yes, I did fit in my 10 measly minutes but never got time to update it.
Anyways, I am experimenting with NaNoWriMo challenge and this is a part of the story, if there is one.

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