Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Waking up to a new day

A little hope dawning in the morning,
Whispering joy to those who lend an ear.
Songs of spring, spring in every heart,
And smiles flicker on the faces we hold dear.

Oh! the song of birds,
the unfolding of the flowers.
The sun shining through,
in the early morning hours.

The glint of dew,
the touch of wet grass.
The morning air, the prayers
and the mass.

Ringing in a new day,
with a joyful heart.
And making it special,
while it does last.

For come tomorrow,
the dawn of new day.
A handful of life,
and heart full of pray.

Thank you ... For the blessings,
the joy that we feel.
Thank you ... For the prayers
we say as we kneel.

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