Friday, March 16, 2012


“What’s your name?”
“Where do you live?”
“And where exactly is your home?”
With mamma and daddy.
“Sure.” “Adwin, Check if we have a missing report for “Edith, 3”?”
“Sir, we have not had any missing reports in this area in last one week … do you still want me to run a check?”
“Naah, can you check with other stations?”
“Sure sir, but that will take some time.”
“Take all your time … I will be waiting in my cabin.” “And yes, send in some chocolate shakes for Edith. She might like to have them”. Visibly uncomfortable when it comes to such routine things of life.
“So, Edith … where is your mamma and daddy right now?”
They went to talk to Jesus in his house.”
“You mean “The Jesus”, right?”
Yeah, Jesus. His house is big and beautiful.”
“And where exactly is His house?”
I do not know.” Sad, but certainly not crying.
The choco-shakes arrive. They sip in silence.
Marsh’s heart is certainly thumping. He tries to hold back his fears. But he is perspiring.
“Sir, I would like to draw your attention to the two cases …”
“Wait, Adwin. Not here. In your office.” “Edith, dear, I will be back soon.”
Ummm hmmm.” Busy sipping.
“Yeah Adwin … what is it …?” “Sir, I found two cases involving … errr … “
“What is it, Adwin?” Definitely losing his calm.
“Sorry sir, but I found two cases … involving Edith. In one case, the girl has been returned to her parents this very morning. So, that definitely rules out her being that girl …”
“Cut the analysis. What about the second case? Did you follow it up?”
“ Yes sir, No … No sir.”
“Yes sir, no sir … what???”
“Well sir, I do not think … Sir, it was about a road accident. The name of one of the victim was “Edith”.”
“You ran the check???”
“Thoroughly sir, there were no survivors …”
“Impossible … Keep checking.”
Marsh enters his cabin again … the glass of the shake is empty … so is Edith’s chair. And there in the neat hand is a note … “Thank you.
Marsh sinks to the floor.


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