Beneath the layers, oh, look past the obverse peels.  A beautiful heart! Welfare unto all  Rab rakha 🤗 🤗 🤗 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Dissenters and conformers, 

marching together. 

One talks of could haves 

and should haves. 

The other, more complacent, 

content with what is. 

Both vital elements, 

contradicting yet complementing, 

prerequisite building blocks. 

Their views differing, 

their paths distinct, but, 

their horizon same. 

Bearing the many diversities, 

in their hearts, 

and still

united ‘neath the Tricolor, 

they stand beside, 

and their juxtapositions 

is what makes this nation unique.

This celebration of differences, 

noisy, yet intimate, 

intricate conscience. 

Bound together with the

subtle nationalist thread, 

the loyal and fortunate 

sons and daughters of soil, 

enriching and preserving its heritage. 

Heartiest salutes to this spirit.

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