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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beyond the little while

Pen? Check.
Purse? Check.
Mobile? Check.
Handkerchief? Check.
Spectacles? Check.
She sighed as she zipped her handbag.
The drill had become exhausting.
From getting up to hitting the bed again. She lived through the day mechanically.
She sighed again as she heard her companion calling out to her and willed herself to get up and get going.
It was a beautiful day. With late spring and early summer blending. Glorious golden sun. Fresh greens. And the scent of fall. All spread out like a painting.
She sighed. Scenically stunning day. And it would be wasted behind Philips LED and rotting files.
She drank the day, or whatever was visible of it from behind the skyscraping apartments, while weaving through the lanes which were being swept and dusted.
At office hours. Always at office hours.
Hah! What good was Nivea and Lakme when pitted against the Delhi dust?
MCD sweeper using broom with vigor on a good deal of road. A rickshaw puller ruling the remaining. A grocery vendor waiting to make his way ASAP. The Skoda, Merc and BMW honking.
They all looked at her as if it was her fault to be walking all the way. Pedestrians! Well! Hell with them. Why do they have to be out there on roads? She wanted to shake them all out of their driving seats. She wanted to tell them that though you have enough money to buy Pajeros and Scorpios, you have no traffic sense. No road sense. No common sense. Basically no sense at all.
But she bit her lip and let them all zip past her.
Just four more days.
And then beneath the shade of evergreens deodars, she would feel alive again.
Her eyes misted, she slowed down and let them all zip past her.

She could wait. Four days. She would wait.

Original image found on Pinterest.

Courtesy: Ermiliablog: Picture it and Write


  1. Some lovley descriptions in this, Ruby. I love the phrase, 'when pitted against the Delhi dust'. You also leave us wondering what will happen after the next four days. Intriguing. :)

    1. Thank you Pat for your kind appreciation

    2. Hello again, Ruby, Just wanted to say that the Pat in the comment above is Millie Thom (my pen name). I forgot to say that yesterday and I couldn't get the comment box to work using my WordPress name. So if I comment agin as Pat (my real name) you'll know who it is! I often have a go at this challenge.

    3. Sure, and I look forward to hear from you more often. Thanks once again


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