Indian whisper

I penned this one down as I listened to the live commentary of Republic Day, as they describe the unfurling of National Flag, The Tricolor,...

Saturday, December 14, 2019

This is us !!!

The chaos outside, that cacophonous milieu,
with the typical incessant, inharmonious chatter.
And then I hear you speak,
rich, sonorous syllables,
in a rich, sonorous tone.
And suddenly all voices fade,
noises recede to the backgrounds,
becoming unnecessary and irrelevant.
The echo of your words,
ringing till long after
in the deepest corners of my heart,
like a calming rein on the wayfaring mind.
This is us.
You and me, winding down in each other’s company,
finding our own sense of calm in being together.
Our hearts, those perfect zen corners,
crafted with passion and
embellished with vivacious love chimes.

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Welfare unto all
Rab rakha 🤗 🤗 🤗 

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