Lost in the stars

Lying on our backs,  in summer blankets,  gazing at the dome of the sky,  the stars and constellations  sprayed like fine glitteri...

Thursday, February 28, 2019


There is this
thick blanket of silence in here.
Mute. Hushed.

But if you hear it out,
with all your heart,
there is loud clamour too.
Buzz. And babble. And clatter.
Beyond the said.

There is lot
that these eyes want to say.
Only if you care to look.
Deep within.
Beyond the visible.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Crimson. Deep crimson.
The shade of passion.
The other one toned down. Lovely red.
Ah! A whole bunch of different hues.
There is that delicate blush.
The peace of bluish-white.
The subtle saffron.
Vibrant yellow too.
Standing tall.
Through thorns and storm
and sun and rain.
Beautiful. Becoming.
Radiant. Ravishing.
Fragrant. Fragile.
Brave. Defiant.
Bold. Resolute.
Alluring. Bewitching.
Blooming because they are blooming.
Perfect. Just the way they are.
At all moments, at all times.
Just like you.
Oh! I planted them all
so that someday,
when you walk through this rose-bed,
you will see yourself through my eyes.

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Saturday, February 23, 2019


There is enough proof
that love transcends
barriers of language.
That it does not need articulate words,
meaningful sentences,
or passionate paragraphs
for expression.
It manifests itself
in the pregnant pauses
of the conversations
that hearts hold,
in those innocent laughters,
in that tender care,
and even in those sweet little gestures.
But at times
this beautiful rhapsody of life
does crave to be sung out aloud.
And it is in such spring of heart,
that I pen down this free-verse for you.
Eighty-four words prologue
for the main chapter
which reads as under:
I love you, dear.
The end.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Virgin saga

Let us stop the chapter here.
And end this story on a sweet note.
And then on the blank pages
of a new notebook,
let us start a virgin saga.
Let us go back to our beginnings
and bump into each other,
like complete strangers
in the bustling markets,
start with an awkward hello
laugh and talk our hearts out,
learn about each other
from a scratch,
and become the besties forever,
slowly and gradually.
Let us be unknown to one another for once
and then fall for each other, again.
And may our souls rejoice in this journey.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Valentine's in September

Some fine evening of September.
A hazelnut latte for me.
And a strawberry frappe for you.
You made a face at my choice.
I, at yours.
Such were we.
Dissimilar. Different. Divergent.
But our laughter
rang the loudest
in that busy cafeteria.
So, such were we.
Absorbed. Oblivious. Fulfilled.
And then,
our eyes latched
and our souls stirred.
And then suddenly,
out of the blue,
You raised our glasses, “Cheers”
 and swapped them.
“Let’s celebrate our valentine’s”
I sipped the frappe from your glass.
“Valentine’s in September”.
Such were we.
Atypical. Dissenters. Way-outs.
Listening to silences.
Speaking to souls.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Will you be my valentine?

Stale saying.
Cliché adage.
My first attempt ever.
So I breathed deep.
Gathered my guts and confidence
and messaged
the overused phrase
to you.
“Will you be my valentine”?
“What does that entail”?
Your reply popped.
Almost instantly.
Umm. Hmm.
Only for a second.
“Just be my BFF and BAE”.
“Before anyone else”.
Done. Just like that.
Straight and simple.
Nothing like the over-oozing reel romance.
The KISS acronym at its best.
The soul at peace and rest.
Happy valentine’s, my soulmate.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


That magical hug.
Warm. Tight. Welcoming.

Amidst the dark dense shadows,
the thick pall of gloom,
your hug raises an exuberant cheer
of hope.

And this is all I want
of you.
No promise.
No meetings.
Not even love.
Only that magical hug.
Warm. Tight. Welcoming.