Friday, February 10, 2017


Tossing and turning,
I stare at roof,
the insomnia
leaving me
hazy and fuzzy,
desperately wanting sleep
to drift me away.
But the slumberous bliss
forsakes me,
playing hide and seek,
and I know that
it is going to be
one long lidless night.
Then I feel
your soft hands
rhythmically and gently
patting my forehead.
The shush-pat
or the magic of your hands,
I know not what it is
but I savor the relief that follows.
Nestled against you,
I sleep,
snug, cozy and safe.
Drifting off to dream world,
semi-coherent thought rings,
"You must be made of magic".

Linking with Thin Spiral Notebook: 100 words: Magic


  1. I know these feelings well. I am away from home on some nights and I just cant sleep unless I have my hubby right beside me. Great writing.

    1. Thank you so much Deana. I am glad you could relate to this.

  2. Insomnia rules me some nights too. A familiar touch can be just the thing to finally bring on sleep.

    1. You put the gist so aptly.
      Thank you so much Tara

  3. :) u put it so beautifully! It really is magic how we are able to sleep in the folds of a loved one.


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