Sunday, October 23, 2016


Moonlight seduces,
sets loose the game of desires.
Both, hunter and prey, yield,
savor the taste of yearnings.
Perilous, but enticing!

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Friday, October 21, 2016


Every sundown,
he anxiously watches the dusty lane.
As her rickshaw halts,
he calls out to her, sonorously.
The intervening four flight of stairs,
she answers him back,
her exhilaration matching his excitement.
As she ascends,
he gives joyous halloos.
Thoroughly tempted,
he descends the last unlit stairway,
and engulfs her in tight crushing embrace.
The grouchiness of day dissolves
in the warmth of that
tender, lovesome rendezvous.
He literally drags her,
venting himself
until the mother and child
are lost to the privacy of their nest.
Today, I left the staircase well-lit,
lest the nipper trips in dark.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shape of love

Not just pretty heart,
but of breath and syllables,
and it also takes,
shape of alphabets,
cursive ringlets of your name,
and course, the desires!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

The scent of yesterdays

Hey mason!
When you renovate my house,
make sure you leave intact
the imprints of tiny little feet
running in these corridors
Hey painter!
When you paint these walls,
make sure you don't rub out
the doodling stains
scrawled by tiny hands.
Hey carpenter!
When you mold the wood
and carve me doors and windows,
make sure you seal inside
the ringing unripened laughters.
For when I walk pass these,
these corridors,
these doors and windows,
these caricatures,
I can inhale the scents of
of my children
(now working in the valleys yonder),
and their childhood,
fresh and incorrupted.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016


In the time that
I spend with you,
I collect priceless nuggets,
of love, life and laughter.
Infinite valuable pearls,
that don't come with
price tags,
fill my pockets,
leaving me immensely richer
and incalculably content.
I put in my jar,
pieces of your soul,
pulled from deepest corners
and hoard
fragments of your heart
treasured like
the most precious gems.
I collect my share of harvest,
those ripened sighs of ecstasy
and saturated blissful smiles.
And in the process of collecting
these intimate prized possessions,
polaroids and postcards,
of dreams, desires and yearnings,
somewhere, somehow
I find myself, complete!!

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