Friday, July 29, 2016


Your ringing laughter
seeps down to my core.
And like a therapeutic elixir,
it brings me back from fading.
Like a hundred windchimes
vibrating in bliss,
and weaving a pious symphony,
it resonates in my heart
and I am healed of all toils.
And when I hear you speak
of the day bygone,
your stories tumbling and toppling,
some making sense, some not so much,
my heart is mended.
Your trembling voice
is a beautiful reassurance
like a psalm,
I could listen to forever,
and never be wearied.
You echo around me,
like the soothing, salvaging monsoon winds
and I stretch out my arms to feel you,
draw you in a crushing embrace.
But no, I dare not say
that I love you,
words that sit precariously on my tongue,
ready to slide off any minute.
I let them pulsate violently,
struggling to break free.
Deliberately, I hold them off,
silently, hoping you will hear them.
And deep down I know you too feel
these whispers of love.


  1. Hi Ruby, visiting your page after a long while. This was indeed poetic. Loved how the words created the right rhythm and emotions.


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