Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday's measly minutes #4

Nearly midnight.
The wedding band is playing in full swing.
That is what Punjabi weddings are famous for.
They are lavish and loud.
Trying to sleep.
But the band is keeping me awake.
My roommate has already fallen asleep.
I guess so have other girls in other rooms.
But I am wide awake.
The beats die down intermittently only to resume with gusto.
So many thoughts, some conflicting some condescending.
Earlier in the day, I said goodbye to yet another association.
Farewells have become a part of life over the years.
Occasionally I cry but mostly I am able to control the tide.
Every person you meet becomes a part of story, a chapter in your bestseller.
You learn. You share. You grow.
Happy trails to all those who have played their part for the time. Until we meet again, may God keep them all in palm of his hand.
The band has stopped playing.
I guess I should catch some sleep too before succumbing to the monotony of morning.
Welfare unto all ...

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