Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Growing up

Tiny feet, those darling things,
Trot all over the place today,
Hiding, playing, running!
Was it not yesterday?
When we held hands,
And taught you to walk.
Or was it really yesterday?
When we weaved stories,
To lull you to sleep.
Taught you how to spell and read.
And all the while we were dealing,
With plus and minus,
Time – it flew away.
And today when the thunders strike,
You tell me not to be scared silly!
Boy, you have grown!
The joy I feel,
And a dull, proud ache.
In this aging heart of mine,
Blessings and prayers rise.


  1. I like the way you weave a story around a theme.

  2. You took my thoughts and wrote them out.. Lovely!

  3. *sniff* they do grow up so quickly :)

    1. Yes. Like yesterday we were holding them and now they look so tall. Thank you Carrie.

  4. It's an equal mixture of pride and fear as they grow. Great job capturing those emotions.

    1. I so agree with you. Thank you for such kind words Bo.

  5. This is a sweet poignant thing. Oh the joy of seeing the kids in your life grow up and the bittersweet pain of letting them go. :-)

  6. Bittersweet is just the word. I so agree with what you shared here.

  7. I felt this way when they were 5 and I was remembering age 2 and I feel that way now that they are 12 and I am remembering age 5. Lovely. Thank you. - JC


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