Friday, August 10, 2012

The Phoenix

The lumber logs went spiraling in the torrents of water; their might broken by a mere cloud. A mere cloud! But this time it had struck with full vengeance - hard and strong. And the gush of water did not spare anything and anyone, be it a twig or a tile. It washed away everything. Clean! Clear! All that remained was a very alive and swollen Angus roaring and rising by the minute, broken trees, rocks and bits and pieces of what was a small lumber factory a few hours ago. Thus, Adler came home to the remains and ruins, was welcomed by pleading eyes of his wife and wails of a hungry child.  His arms hung by his side, limp and lifeless. His knees buckled, he sagged helplessly on the floor.
The words of his wife brought him out of his stupor. What will we do now? What would he do now? How would he feed his family? The answer hung somewhere in the moist air but did not reach his lips. He stared at her. And in her tear stained eyes he saw the vows he had taken for protecting his family – keeping them safe. And there he found his answer.
The night passed. With the first rays of sunshine, he was back in woods, gathering the finest quality lumber which he sold by the evening. While men cried, he toiled. While men begged, he shed his sweat. His family will not starve. Never again! As men looked, Adler rose again.
In the mahogany furnished office of The Wonder Woods Empire, an old ageing man stood by the window, admiring his own imperial handicraft. The men were busy stacking the best quality logs, working to the rhythm of flowing waters of Angus.
Grandpa Adler, there’s been a cloud burst in Shelley. Two big shops caved in.”
The phoenix did not flinch at the news. His gaze was still fixed at Angus, as if the scenes from his favorite movie were being played on the milky water.
Only these were not the usual, pleasant, picture perfect ones.
Adler turned and faced his grandson. “I pray their hopes did not”.

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  1. I love this. The contrast between the idea of a phoenix and that it was water destroying things is so cool.

  2. I especially loved that last line. Good take on the prompt. :)

  3. This was a brilliant tale. I love the scenes of the phoenix life, from the ashes to the rebirth to old age...wonderfully told. And there's something whimsical in the "Wonder Woods Empire" that was a pure joy. Well done!

  4. I thought the end of this was absolutely perfect.

    You told such a sweeping tale of re-birth and the human spirit triumphing over nature.


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