Thursday, June 14, 2012

A walk to remember

As the car hit the dirt road, Medini looked for a safe place to park it.
She could walk the last few minutes to her home.
She always did.
The last stretch and then the short lane and she would be home!
How often had she tread this path running errands!
The memories came flooding. Chapters of her life flashed before her eyes and she stood there lost in her own world. Her heart ached and pined for her soldier husband. She wondered how long before she would be able to hold him in her hands.
The cacophonous sounds brought her back to reality. Kids were having a great time. The vacations must have begun.
She started walking to her niche. In her mind, she had chalked out the itinerary – cooking, ironing, and shopping. There was lot to do and so less a time.
 She planned to begin with cooking – it was relaxing and she was already feeling hungry. She had sensed some delicious cooking in her short walk and her taste buds were hyper active now. Her steps quickened in response.
As she reached the dimly lit alley, she could feel the footsteps closing in on her. Any other place she would gave cried out of fear but not here. This was her territory. She was safe. She should be safe.
She stood numb as the two hands came out of nowhere and covered her eyes - the two strong hands.
A smile flickered across her face. She could tell that touch from among a million. She turned around and with her eyes still closed hugged him tight. She felt so complete, so content in that moment.
And somewhere amidst the hugging and holding him, her mind worked on the cooking plan again. Obviously, her husband deserved better treat than the fried rice.


  1. That's the best kind of surprise you can get in an alley, I think -- nice that you took it the opposite direction of expectations there.

    1. Thank you Annabelle. Alleys usually sound sinister to me. So, I changed it to the regular feel good theme. I am glad the opposite ending is appreciated.

  2. I didn't even realize the 'soldier' husband was a clue until the ending. I like that the alley presented a happy surprise rather than a tragic one.

    1. Thank you Janna. I am glad the ending is appreciated. I thought it might sound like a cliche. And I did not want this to be a tragic story. I thought of this twist impromptu.

  3. You explain very well the reality of having a spouse in the military!

    1. Thank you Cathy. It is good to hear such nice words on this post.


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