Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The decay is as much a truth as the life.

It is as constant as change.

Old has to move out to make room for new.

Only it should not be a decay of hearts.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


One day I questioned my shadow:-
Why do you walk beside me all the time?
Be it thicker and darker nights,
Or the thinner and happier sun-shines;
What makes you stick to me?
Why do you accompany me?

One day I questioned my shadow:-
It answered me back in its baritone.
"You find in me a fancy, an illusion.
You treat me like a phantom, a reflection.
You know not but I am there to show you,
that little burning lamp in those dark streets.
I am there not to bring any despair,
but to usher you into the door of opportunities.
I am there to cheer you on and on.
I am there so that you may never be alone.
I am there for you and because of you.
I am there to repose your faith in you."

And one day when I saw my shadow:-
I smiled for I knew I had a friend for life.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

You may see them now

The midnight ringing of the phone left him panicking. His hands trembled as he picked up the receiver.  The heart was in his mouth – “at this late hour, I hope all is well”. With a dry and a just-woke-up throat, he managed whispering a “hello”. That was the only word he spoke. That and “You take care, I am on my way” at the end. He packed a few clothes hurriedly. No fear, no sleep, just plain meticulous working – things going in bags, things getting done. Alert mind working and thinking. Why, he even texted his boss!

He had arranged a pick up for himself. As soon as the taxi arrived, he hauled his bag. Bags and a child safety seat.  As the taxi zoomed through the traffic, he relaxed. Or, he tried to relax. He called her up but got no reply. The beads of sweat started trickling again. He was cursing himself. “Why am I not with her – now, when she needs me the most.” His high profile, busy life – carried no meaning now. He had not been there for her birthdays, anniversaries and now - when she was in hospital. Yes, he was right to curse himself.  His silent prayers rose – “Keep her safe, Lord. I love her.

Every second brought him nearer to her – and, this gave him strength.  The red light of the OT was switched on when he reached the hospital. He tried to calm down. She was in there.

He sat, he stood, he paced and he waited. They came out at length. The nurse eyed his stuff and giggled, “You really should have got a pink car seat, sir”. “A pink car seat??” “Yes sir, I am told, girls her age, like pink color the best.” His eyes watered. She held his hand and patted it. She had seen many like him. “Yes sir, the prettiest daughter – both she and the mother are safe. You may see them now.”

I am late in making submission to the Trifecta : week Seventeen but nevertheless, I am sharing my take on the photo-challenge of this week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A happy start to the day

Every morning Gran rises before dawn. She readies herself for the impending day – beginning with the chanting of the prayers loudly. With her back stooped and slow walk - she goes around the house, handling the small stuff in her reach. By the time, we wake up, she has already said her prayers and washed her clothes, and had her early morning breakfast. Then she plans her short trip to the temple. Almost every morning. She goes out, as I say, on a date with the almighty. Almost every morning. Sometimes ,the weather and sometimes the troubles that come with the age come in between and disrupt the pilgrimage. That and sometimes the monkeys.

Yeah! The monkeys – the army of Lord Hanuman – that sits on guard at almost every parapet of the locality – in search of food and survival. They look menacing and they act menacingly. They are averse to flowers blooming in the gardens and clothes drying on the lines. They are averse to birds making merry and they are averse to kids eating fruits. Why the other day, they snatched away my share of melons and sat there eating it greedily – enough to drive me crazy. And dare not mess with their members or kids – the army will have its revenge.

I hear my Gran tapping the stick loudly against the metal rails of the balcony. The army is spread – invading the houses and blocking her path. I look out – the loud bang has dispersed them slightly – at least the smaller ones have run away. She repeats the banging again and again – till they have all hid themselves from the ominous stick. But this fear is temporary. Oh! It will not be long before the trouble is back.

Should I call it “A happy start to the day”?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yes, I did.

You hurt her?
Yes, I did.
You betrayed her trust?
Yes, I did.
Did you know that she loved you?
Yes, I did.
Did you love her, ever?
Yes, I did.
Then, why?
Because, I loved her. I could not see her getting hurt. I could not let her trust crumble. And because, this was best- for both of us.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Thunder

He felt the thunder of thoughts in his mind - that his heart had stopped for a while - a very short while.
And in that brief moment, he saw his entire life with her.
He had never felt so complete before - so alive ever before.
He had never felt this love before.
The thunderbolt had finally struck him.

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Challenge prompt - Thunder (noun) - bang, rumble