Thursday, March 1, 2012

There is nothing like ...

There is nothing like spring.

It is not like I do not like winters. I am essentially a winter girl. I like all the winter clothing I have. I know I can accomplish so much more in those short winter days (essentially because we cannot go out in biting cold for market rounds unless very urgent and that has definitely not deterred me till date). I love basking in the bright sunshine. I like sitting on our terrace … breathe in the fresh air around me and see life unfolding slowly and beautifully. I like the winters for they teach us to be strong and brave it all. I like winters for all the hues that I can see around me. So, you see, I love winters.

But trust me, I dislike winters too. I dislike when it keeps getting colder and numbingly colder. When all the traditional signals of heralding spring have come and gone and it just keeps getting colder. And those winter rains. Ah!!! They spoil all the fun.

Winters are time when everything literally freezes. Even your hair oil (I am not sure about yours. I use coconut oil and that freezes … climate control or no climate control version). It kind of becomes a project … 
  • Get a pan with hot water.
  • Place the oil bottle in it.
  • Wait till the oil liquefies. Wait. Wait. And, wait. If the water was not hot enough, go back to step one. 
  • Apply the oil while it is still liquid.
One moment you oil your hair, the next there will be little flakes of oil all over your head. And they somehow tend to damage more than nourish.

And I dislike the winter months nullifying all the hair care done by my mother all through the year.

But now that we feel spring in the air … my winter woes have come to an end.

It pleases me so much to see that the oil has not set again. Yes, my very own coconut oil … that looks like oil for the first time in months …

Mum can easily massage my hair now. And there is nothing like mother’s hand running through your hair … full of love and care.  I am going to squeeze in every chance that I get till the next winters to get my hair oiled by Mamma’s hands.

Greedy … Yes, I am.


  1. A lovely post! Hope you are having a good weekend:)

  2. I'm a Spring and Summer kinda gal. Always have been, probably always will be. I too get excited to wear cute sweaters and stuff but if the cold last for more than a couple of good. It's a good thing I live in Florida. Have a great night.

    1. The Sunshine state sounds perfect for you :) Living in hills means nearly half a year's winter season for us. Now that winters are extending into the March as well, (not to speak of the non-seasonal snowfalls)I guess I am on the lookout for my Florida too. :) But your scenery sounds so much different from ours here. You too have a wonderful time ahead.


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