Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is so much worth it ...

I have been working without work these days.

I have been home tutoring some kids from round the block.

I have been waiting forever to land up a job now. But whiling away the time had become a little difficult of late. There were suggestions coming from all ends and this was the one that seemed logical than all others.

It began with one student and it spread to some 6 six students and it came down to 5 again (My teaching is not at fault … the one that left had run out of her vacations and syllabusJ)

It began with science for class 10th and it spread to math and science for 10th, math for 12th, math for 7th standard.

My room is full of books … math, science, reference books, sheets, pens, pencils again. It looks like I am sitting for exams once again. My head spins at times with all the equations, algebra and periodic tables. And I cannot go to the “Shivratri Fair” as often as I used to because of time commitments with these students.(The Shivratri Fair is one time when we are all celebrating in my home town … it has been given an international status and people from all across the world come to celebrate and participate … it is a time when my homeland is host to some 200 deities from all over Himachal … the town is sparkling with lights, fair fun, merry – go –rounds, shops, and revelry … speaking of which I must hurry up with this post … I am going to watch the official parade today … so enough of digression)

But yesterday … the kiddo from 7th standard told me she enjoyed her mathematics class with me …

And that makes me feel like it is so much worth it. To be able to help them where they are stuck … to help them solve the questions … to be a part of their learning … to be a part of their lives …

Trust me, I am scared … more than kids … for 10th and 12th class students sit for exams in less than a week … there is a lot to revise and catch up with … and then there is this fair that somehow seems more important to everyone as compared to boards … so, my fingers are crossed … my prayers have lengthened and my heart beats a little faster and louder these days … as if it is me going to write those tests … I want them all to do good.

But as of now, when I think of that one chance remark … I feel satisfied. I have made some little difference to somebody’s life and it is worth everything.


  1. Ruby, what a great post. I've come to realize as I have gained more experience that sometimes it's not about the money. What counts is the other stuff...making a difference, or working relationships and other stuff. I wish you the best of luch where ever your road takes you to. Have a great week. P.s. now following your lovely blog.

    1. Thank you so much @barefoot in blue jeans. Your experience rings so true :) And thank you so much for joining my blogging journey. I am so thrilled to have you for company. And I am sure looking forward to your next post.
      Warmest regards,


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