Wednesday, February 1, 2012

31 touchwoods

I participated in a “photo a day” challenge.

My camera skills – I just know where the click button is. But this challenge had an appeal. I went through the challenge list and it showed me how rich my everyday life is. I have people I love, feet to carry me where I want to go with comfortable shoes, I have warm sunny days to take away the chill, I can afford breakfasts, lunches and sweets, a refrigerator that stands stocked up.

So, I made a few collages out of my clicks and am sharing them now.
The challenge was for 31 days of January but I have 32 clicks in all. (The original number is more than double because each click needed backups to be able to select the good ones only.)

The next few collages take up the a few days together.

Day 1 – Day 8

The prompts were:-
1 – You – I am alive, happy and healthy. Touch wood.
2 – Breakfast – I begin my day with sumptuous meals. Touch wood.
3 – Something you adore – I absolutely adore my home and my family. (Pictured here is a souvenir from our holidays that has been mounted on the entrance door of my house. It reads “O Lord! Bless this house we pray. Keep it safe by night and day.”) I have a home to keep me safe. Touch wood.
4 – Letterbox – I know people who write to me and have a letterbox to receive their mails. Touch wood.
5 – Something you wore – I have a nice collection of sweaters and jackets to keep me warm in winters. Touch wood.
6 – Makes you smile. I can laugh and smile. (Pictured here is Jaiaditya’s ball in my favourite colour – red. His efforts to play this ball keep us all amused.) Touch wood.
7 – Favourite – I have a favourite list – right from what I read to what I wear. (Pictured here is a favourite poster from my bed room. This poster has been photographed maximum number of times and every time when we test the camera settings.) Touch wood.
8 – Your sky – I have a clear blue sky with kites flying over my head. Touch wood.

The next set – Day 9 – Day 14

9 – Daily routine – I have a routine that keeps me busy, fit and active. And one important part of it is playing with my nephews. Touch wood.
10 – Childhood – I am a child at heart and am surrounded by kids that teach me how beautiful life around us is. Touch wood. (Photographed basket full of toys for what is childhood without toys.)
11 – Where you sleep – I have a warm and cosy bed. Touch wood. (Every day I ask my father to set my bed for me for he makes it real cosy and I cannot handle my quilts all alone. This has two quilts because Di came to stay for a few days during winter vacations and so it feels extra warm and nice with two people around.)
12 – Close – up – I can enjoy the luscious carrots, radish and cauliflowers. And life has spice in it … every day is a new adventure. Touch wood. (Photographed here is a carrot pickle box that covers my understanding of close up.)
13 – In your bag – Blessed to have a hand bag to hold my coins and my mobile. Touch wood.
14 – Something you are reading – I can read and write. Touch wood.

Photographs for Day 15 – Day 21

Day 15 – Happiness – I am surrounded by happy hearts all around me. Touch wood.
Day 16 – Morning – Every morning inspires to make a new beginning and heralds hope. Touch wood.
Day 17 – Water – I have clean clear water to drink, to use in any form I like. Touch wood.
Day 18 – Something you bought – I buy things that I like to and have money to afford them (like the Abercrombie t-shirt). Touch wood.
Day 19 – Sweet – Life is both sweet and spicy. Touch wood.
Day 20 – Someone you love – A loving and caring family. Touch wood. (here both my nephews)
Day 21 – Reflection – A sun to warm me up. Touch wood.

Last set

Day 22 – Your shoes – Shoes to protect my feet and carry me places. Touch wood.
Day 23 – Something old – I have old and new things going together in my life. Touch wood.
Day 24 – Guilty pleasure – I can indulge in my pleasures. Touch wood. (I spend hours and hours reading and my mum is always calling out to me to do some chores. So, I used my stock of novels as object of focus.)
Day 25 – Something you made – Hands that can make things. Touch wood.
Day 26 – Colours – I can vary the colour of my dresses as per my moods. Touch wood.

Day 27 – Lunch – I get more than two square meals a day. Touch wood. (Sweet rice that I messed up, totally.)
Day 28 – Light – The days are bright with life and light. Touch wood.
Day 29 – Inside your fridge – A fridge that is stocked up always. Touch wood.
Day 30 – Nature – Green trees (though covered here with snow). Touch wood.
Day 31 – You, again. I am really blessed to have such a rich life. Touch wood.

P.S. Marcia,  I gathered my guts and posted my challenge pics.

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