Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And it is Wednesday again …

Every Wednesday is a day of hope … hope of landing a job of my choice.

Every week, that hope gets trashed.

It is the day when the jobs and career section comes in the newspaper.

So, with prayers in heart, hope in mind and keenness in sight … I grab the newspaper.

Oblivious to mum’s calls for breakfast, oblivious to maid’s requests for not stepping on the wet floor, oblivious to granny telling me to bring over my nephews. Oblivious to everything …

Project job-application begins.

Step 1 – scan the newspaper for the relevant advertisements.

Step 2 – select the ones that are feasible and that I can apply for.

Step 3 – switch on the computer and connect to the net. Bearing up with slow connection, meaningless boot-up scans and launching of various applications with great patience (actually tapping fingers on the keyboard). “Are we a little impatient today?” immediately springs up in my mind. But neither am I a Bella, nor do I have an Edward Cullen to tell me that. So... we move on.

Step 4 – Type the cover letters, check the resume carefully, attach it, re-check the application, re-check the attached file,  type in the mail ids, re-check the mail ids.

Step 5 – Seek the blessing of all the Gods I know by name and others that I do not know by name and click on that “Send” button that holds the fates of my many such applications.

Step 6 – wait … and wait … and wait … and wait … and so on.

Days have turned to weeks, weeks to months. And I am yet to hear a positive response.

That is an exaggeration. I am yet to hear any response. Positive or negative.

No acknowledgements of having received the application and resume.

No telling me that I did not make it to the next round.

No telling me that why I did not make it to the next round.

All that my exercise gives me is a cold breakfast (remember my mum), irritated nephews (remember my gran) and a soiled floor (remember my maid).

It does not hurt to send in applications.  But I should at least get an acknowledgment of receipt.

It is totally acceptable if they find another suitable candidate. But at least they could inform me.

And it is ok to know that they have put aside the application for consideration for other posts or have added it to their database. But should this not be discussed with me?

Courtesy??? Recruiters !!!!

Some days I wonder if they read it at all. Some days I am brimming with hope.

Well, it is Wednesday again … off for my project … with fingers crossed.


  1. That's true Ruby, the recruiters actually need to be told that they should at least respond back. Anyways, wish you a good luck so that the series of these Wednesdays ends soon!!!

  2. Thank you so much Rashmi. I will need all the prayers that I can get , I guess :)


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