Winter woods

Lonesome tree, withering in winters, almost dead, beneath that misty grey shroud, surviving with summer in its heart and sighing with h...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Closed door

Closed, bolted
and locked,
the lonely door,
rattling in winds
makes me curious
as to what lies behind it?
Mysteries unopened!
Wild and wonderful
whispers of heart!
Tales and travails
of blessed ordinary!
Remnants and oddments
of smiles and tears!
But to reach that storyland,
where words weave magic,
bringing excited narratives
to reality in your honeyed voice,
I'll have to get
thoroughly tangled in you
and forget the world outside.
As of now,
I hang around yours,
slightly opened, slightly closed,
seeking to sneak
to your soul
and I love this wait,
this trying and testing
outside my destination.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Walk after dinner

The other day,
I asked you,
totally playfully,
to choose between
a candlelight dinner
a long slow
midnight walk with me.
Just like that.
And in the split-second
that you took to reply,
I scanned the
list of expected answers:
that tongue-tied emoji;
the rolling eyes emoticon
(that's perhaps our favorite);
a point-blank no,
crisp and concise.
Nothing drippy.
But that affable
"walk after dinner"
reply of yours
had me wonder-struck.
Least expected,
very heartening.
Your words
enveloped me
in a cozy embrace.
And thus charmed,
I found one more reason
to fall for you,
all over again.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Good old 500s and 1000s

By habit, I was looking for familiar 500s and 1000s in my wallet. And then realized their awkward adieu.
Hasty, sudden, explosive and emergent.
A novel currency has taken their place. Pinkish-purplish notes.
2000! Seriously?
Someday, this novelty will fade off, leaving behind familiar addictions.
It will take time, though. For the idea to make its own space in our hearts.
Till then this new crisp currency feels alien in my hand. Rather makes me feel powerless. As if I have no real purchasing power with me. Like this is a piece of paper siphoned off from my nephew's game.

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