Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The ringing phone

It is one of those few times
when I get to listen to my ringtone.
I tend to forget the tone,
so, the incoming ring resounds
for some time, quite some time.
Lengthily, I recognize the tune,
then rush to respond,
before the phoner disconnects,
only to receive shrill sound
of someone trying to sell property
to unknown somebody.
Politely, I inform
of not being the person
they were trying to connect to,
like countless previous times
in thirty-eight months.
Discussion ends.
Screen unlits, stripped of light,
but my eyes rest there, fixed.
Couldn't you phone me erroneously?
Even once?

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  1. I thought having a cell phone would shield me from telemarketers. Now, I get more bogus calls than real ones.

    1. More bogus calls. Less quality interaction

  2. The last two lines were a knife in the heart. Nice twist.

  3. awwwww - those last words :(


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