Tuesday, November 3, 2015

That's me, knocking at the door

I peeked in her thoughts
Where my room was taking shape.
Prams and cots and disney wallpapers.
Sometimes she planned it blue,
Sometimes a lovely shade of pink.
Occasionally I would hear her sing lullabies,
Rehearsing for impending sleepless nights.
Hear them both find  me a name,
I really loved some, but there's no way I can tell.
They build me a home in their hearts
And I bask in the glory of their love.
The riotous joy that I am,
I laugh at their planning things post my arrival,
Little do they know, I will mess it all.
And on weekends, I find them shopping
Feeders, diapers and clothes,
Their faces aglow with sheer happiness.
A little bundle draped in a pink sheet,
I enter their lives,
Expanding their horizon manifolds.
My mother crying in pain and then in pleasure.
My father looking at me with sheer joy.
Seamlessly, we blend in one embrace,
A happy little family.


  1. Oh, such a delicate, lovely write!
    This line is my favorite:
    I enter their lives,
    Expanding their horizon manifolds.

    1. Thank you so much for such encouragement.

  2. Welcome little one...and such a fine introduction!

  3. Wonderful wordsmithing! Love the alternative perspective.

    1. Wordsmithing ... Wow .. That sounds awesome. Thank you so much.

  4. There is something so tender and moving about the viewpoint you chose. I love "The riotous joy that I am."


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