Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rush Hour

Bread toast for breakfast.
My regular menu.
The watch ticks 9.
Plan to leave the meal unfinished.
The hurried gulping
Not helped by horlicks-laden milk shake.
A panicking look at watch.
I should be out on road.
Right now.
An urge to leave utensils unwashed.
The cockroaches scurrying across,
The remnants of someone’s dinner,
Strongly deter.
The dress all stained with water,
The dish washing done,
I run a comb through hair,
Not stopping to look
At the volume of tangled mess in comb,
Done, all done.
As I change my shoes.
Wait, wait, wait!
The bed-spread creased
And wrinkled.
Can’t leave it like that.
So smoothed and stretched,
Oh! I spread it again.
Not daring to look
At the watch,
I pick up my bag
And am out of the door,
Out on the road.
And by estimate
I am a good fifteen minute late.
I hail a rickshaw.
20 bucks!
For a small stretch
That I would have walked
Had I not been running late
And had I not been gripped
With this sudden atrophy
After an hour of running around.
Say I.
And begin to walk,
And surprisingly,
The rickshaw turns around
And looks at me encouragingly
Agrees to my price
And drops me in time.
And the moment I pay him,
My regular bus
Like it was waiting for me.
It is all vacant.
I am the first person in.
15 bucks for my destination.
I have either 20 or 10.
Say I again.
He’ll settle for 20 and
There goes my 5 bucks.
This happens quite often.
It will happen again.
Thinks the now drained me.
Only not today.
For he hands me a crisp 10.
You paid me extra last time.
Says he.
God bless you!
Says I.
And finally I dare
To look at the watch.
Its ok.
I am right on time.
I smile.
People smile back at me.
Unrecognized faces.
Today’s gonna be sunny.
Splendid and superb.

Linking with Trifecta : Week 101


  1. Ruby, a unique format, cadence and surprise word (rickshaw) give such life to a morning routine. I always enjoy reading your work - to see which direction you've gone in or what spin you've woven. Really wonderful piece of writing, here. I've read it several times and each time it delights. To paraphrase your label above: blessed are the small things in life that make us realize we're uniquely us. :)))

    1. Thank you so much Jo. I really cherish all your encouragement.

  2. Nothing like grabbing a break to perk up your day! Made me smile, Ruby.

  3. This is a really cool response to the prompt, Ruby. I really enjoyed the rhythm of it, and it felt really relatable as well. I, too, don't check the time when I'm pretty darn sure I'm really unavoidably late. I felt the elation along with your character when we found out otherwise. Thanks for linking up.


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