Sunday, September 15, 2013

O for twilight

Blinding, baking, burning,
Merciless gold ball,
Strong as ever,
It holds the fort,
Guarding dusty dry days.
O for twilight, wait these eyes,
When the silver sliver smiles
And down rains the poetry

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On her way

Rear aisle seat,
Not her preference.
A kiddo with his mother
Seated to her left,
The welcome-safety speech
Lost to their fuss.
While the child was deciding
If eagles would fly higher than plane,
She fell asleep.
She woke up;
To tilting wings,
To dropping height,
And panicking faces.
Faith plummeted.
Prayers rose.
Her father waited at arrival.
Muffled voices over hysteria
Pleaded calm;
Went unheard.
Hands struggled
To release the mask.
She watched
Too numb.
The reality didn’t register.
For a-minute-and-a-half.
And then it was calm.
Relief flooded her eyes
As she made her way

To the arrival.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

For love

Resplendent gems of loft,
Thee make my spirit glow.
Thee crown my being with bliss,
And quench my thirsty soul.
Thy shadow all I seek,
For love,
You tether joys to my heart.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Size Perfect

She climbed the stairs
Two at a time,
The shortest road to
Possibly a shortest queue,
Attempting to avoid the eyes
That would look
At little beyond
Her hourglass figure
And chiseled face.
Eyes still turned.
Her attempt
Of visiting
The sanctuary,
Desecrating it
“Please go through the tests first”
She joined the queue.
Moving with finesse,
Traversing thin crowd
With effortless grace,
Eyes burning her back
And her cheeks.
“Your weight, pale skin,
Please don’t participate”
Her hemo-count ok.
Her weight not-so-ok.
She walked out,
A laughingstock.
She couldn’t be the donor.
Just a size perfect.