Thursday, April 18, 2013

Possibly - it was you!

It was you,
Who came calling
The other day,
Knocking at my door,
Stamping your feet
At the door mat,
(Impatient aren’t you?)
And you waited
For what was exactly
An infinitesimally small
Measure of time,
And decided
(On your own)
Not to wait any longer,
Picked up your bags,
And walked away,
Not even caring
To glance back.
So by the time
I made it to the door,
You had already
Crossed over to
The next house.
Now obviously,
I'd love to meet you
But from what I hear
You don’t come knocking twice.
Is it true?


  1. Ha! I guess we need to be ready at all times when opportunity knocks!

    1. Yup, we need to be ready all times. Thank you so much Robyn.


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