Come let me hold you


Sunday, March 24, 2013

A happenstance

She moved her hand
To tuck in the strands of auburn hair
That had escaped the
Tangles of a perfect French braid.
It was the same hand
That had lent him pencils before exams,
And notes after class;
That he had held
On friendship’s day
And then again on the valentine’s;
That had waved him off,
And written him several letters.
Unmistakably, same hand.

Even with her back towards him,
He knew it was her.
It had to be her.
A sudden pain rose in his elbows,
A sudden surge,
Melted only by
That glittering rock
In her ring finger.


  1. How hard it must be to see your true love move on. Very god writing.

  2. Poetic and descriptive narrative.

  3. Good one! How sad to find out something like that.

  4. Ooooo loved it. I stumbled a little around the waved him off line because it was followed with writing him several letters. I read it first as she waved him off dismissively, not returning his feelings. Then I read the line about writing him several letter and I thought maybe she had waved him away like he'd gone off for war or something. I figured it out with the final stanza, really liked the line with the diamond ring.

    Also really enjoyed the image being placed in the middle of the writing. Great work!

    1. I am glad the idea is conveyed in totality. Thank you for such positive words on my writing.


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