Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reasons to smile this week ..

My desktop has been delivered back to me. And after two months of its hospitalization, it has started functioning again. The bout of sickness has left it weak and emaciated.  Almost every part has been replaced so as to get it working. But here it is. Back in its old niche. Still trying to be of help as long as it can. My most faithful friend. J

The sweater that I had started knitting for my nephew, Harjas, is finished. With ample inputs from my mother. It took us three days to finalize the pattern. She taught me how to do the cables for the front and stripes for the back and how to cut out the shoulders and how to do the arms. She did the knitting for the neck and the complete stitching. So, it is like I knitted the parts and she made a sweater out of those parts. J

I am learning how to write Punjabi. Something which I should have learnt a long time ago. But, better late than never. 

The first time I wrote out the complete set of alphabets, I felt an inexplicable joy. It is like coming home after a long journey. However, it still needs a lot of practice. And then the grammar and punctuation and all. But it is fun and keeps me occupied. J

Finally, we did loads of shopping this week. And shopping is always fun. J

So week of accomplishments, week of doing and a week of learning. Week of smiles J


  1. I'm sure your nephew is thrilled with his sweater. Handmade is always so special :)
    I noticed that there are more letters in Punjabi than in English. The writing is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Marcia for all the appreciation.


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