Saturday, October 8, 2011

When nothing goes right, go shopping!!!

This is one of those few days, when we were not feeling particularly buoyant.

We cook. We clean. We eat. We sleep. We iron. We knit. We talk. We stitch. We mend. We play. God! The tasks don’t end. Ever.

The day ends in a jiffy. With so many things still piled up before us.

To add to it, Diwali and a wedding in the house. The rounds to tailors, gift shops, and jewellery shops too have to be squeezed in somehow.

So, almost daily, I and my mum have been going to the market for one thing or the other. And things are moving at snail’s pace.

Mum was panicky today. “How are we going to manage so many things?” And the mood had spilled over to me also.

We finally decided to go shopping again. And we were praying it to be fruitful this time. The agenda was to get some nice outfits for my nephews. Diwali gifts.

So, off we were again. One shop, then other. Rejecting this and that. Shortlisting things. Yes .. no .. no. On and on.

As I passed by a shop, I spotted a green T-shirt on a mannequin and remarked casually “Nice”.

We went to kids store nearby, saw a few things. But nothing appealed. And on our way back, my head turned again and I said “Mum, look, isn’t it nice”.

One minute, we were looking at the t-shirt. The second minute, we were looking at one another. And the third minute, we were in that shop.

Nice cotton t-shirts. Pleasing colours. Ended up buying two. That mannequin piece did make its way to my shopping bag.

That was the beginning.

After that, we bought nice outfits for both my nephews and did some more shopping that was not in today’s to do list.

And where’s the fun in shopping without grabbing a steal.

We walked back home holding 4-5 big shopping bags.

So, mission accomplished. With million watt smiles.

Mum seems a little relaxed for the first time since morning. I am on cloud nine.

Moral of the story … when you feel a little low, grab your wallet and go shopping.

Trust me, it works wonders.


  1. It sounds like you had a nice day shopping with your mom. My daughters love to go shopping, and they always want me to go with them. We have a good time together too.
    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks, Marcia. Its good to know that we stand on the same page.
    You too have a wonderful time ahead :)

  3. Ruby ur Moral of the story … when you feel a little low, grab your wallet and go shopping is absolutely correct.It really works for me.....
    Great writting yaar....

  4. I am glad Neelam, that I find a companion in my shopping thoughts with you. And thanks for the compliment.


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