Saturday, October 1, 2011

It is that time of the year….

When the days turn to dusks sooner than expected; One minute, it is light everywhere and the other minute, it starts getting dark.

When the mornings are cold and it feels good to snuggle up in a jaipuri quilt or a blanket;

When you open the window and sudden rush of cool morning breeze can give you goose bumps.

When the mild fogs, on the very top of the hills, right before the first sun rays filter through them, looks mesmerising.

When the days pass in a quandary; the question being - “To switch on a fan or not to”?

When the walnuts have made their way back into the daily routines;

When the hands knitting cosies for all of us, start working faster;

When people start arranging and re-arranging sweaters, knitwear, woollen accessories;

When the rooftops are adorned in beautiful woollen hues;

When you try wearing this and that, and finally decide to go out in a full sleeves top;

When if you don’t pay heed to minor symptoms, you can end up with a most irritating cold;

When you should not have cold water, so you mix together the cold and the fresh water;

When the refrigerator does not have to carry the load of ice trays and so many water bottles, and blesses you with additional space to stack in guavas, apples, pomegranates;

When you know winters are just round the corner.

Wishing you all winters full of care and warmth. J


  1. made me feel how the weather must be there in Himachal...:)
    Enjoy your winters!!!

  2. I am envied to read this bcoz here in delhi the weather is too hot and humid ...but you enjoy and i'll wish the same...when i'll tell you that RUBY it's cold here;)

  3. Such beautiful thoughts! We are enjoying cool nights and warm days right now.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  4. Thank you so much for the appreciation, Sherry. I guess winters set in late in Alabama and are mild, though I am not sure about this.


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