Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fighting the cold ...

I have been busy.

Busy, fighting the sore throat and dry cold.

Using granny’s strategic home remedies.

I wear sweaters while people around me still wear summer clothes.

I drink lukewarm water while friends sip cold drinks.

I suck ginger and honey when the whole family is relishing salty snacks.

I get milk with ginger, cinnamon and cloves and Harji gets bournvita and horlicks.

I get dushanda (joshanda / banashka) and dad gets cold coffee.

It is lozenges for me while candies and chocolates for all my cousins.

I get sheera and besan and they all eat chilly cheese.

My room has that unmistakable odour of “vicks”.

And my right to speech has been well curtailed this week.

Enough to drive me up the wall.

But the home remedies are helping. Am on my way to recovery.

Just a few more days of precaution. A few more days of fighting.

Kudos to grannies. Sometimes, they know it all.


  1. Ha ha ha....Ruby get well soon!!!
    This is a lovely write up on this kind of topic...
    Diwali is approaching and you have to eat so many delicious sweets and dishes, so get well soon and enjoy to the fullest...

  2. Thanks Rashmi. That is why I am trying all these home remedies. I am so excited for the festive season.


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