Thursday, September 8, 2011

Coping with 80GB loss

80GB of data .. lost all of it .. was not able to retrieve even 1 bit.

And I mean it. Not a tiny, single bit left.

So these days, I am guilt ridden and also these days, I am coping with a huge loss. A huge, huge data loss.

Every time, I called up the vendor in the last few days, he asked me if whatever data I had was important.

A simple yes no question … just that it left me speechless.

I tried to remember what all I had in it. The more I remembered, the more it hurt.

Generously helped by friends and colleagues, I had been able to lay my hands on some complete discographies. Are they important?

Then there were e-books. The ones that I had read and the ones that I was planning to read. Are they important?

The audio and textual versions of the Punjabi and Hindi sacred texts. Some of them were rare. Some of them were favourites. Can I risk losing those?

The study material. The presentations, the minor and major project reports, the survey results. The topics that I could not find in my photostated notes. Will I need them at some point? Do I have them all in my mails?

The pictures with family, with relatives, with friends, the pictures of the college days, the Bangalore days, the Shimla days. How will I ever get those moments back?

My experiments with C, C++ and HTML. How much time will it take to re-write them?

The crotchet patterns, the mobious that I had thought of knitting. Were not they the choicest? Will I be able to find alternate designs well in time?

With one simple question it all came back. The time and the effort expended in those downloads, the contributions from loved ones, the learning that came slowly and gradually … and it all seemed important. Extermely important. And I wanted it back. All of it.

But the doctor had already given the final verdict for his patient. To cure the disease, they would have to kill the patient. All he needed was my sanction, my approval.

Silently, I watched my old hard disk being laid to rest. And I heard my vendor ordering a new one for me. He assured me the system would get a new life in a few days.

And that will get me busy again.

Till then, I am trying to come to terms with the 80GB loss.


  1. that true!!! Is there no way to retrieve the data? No matter if you have to spend money for the new hard disk, but I am sure there will be some way out to get the data in the previous one...

    In Jan, I also faced the same problem...the vendor said hard disk has collapsed and the most I was worried about was the pictures we had taken in recent past. All other things had a back up though. But still somehow, we retrieved those pictures with various permutation and combinations for the compatible processor and the mother boards...Huh!!!

    So try something out...I wish your data doesn't get lost...

  2. He has been trying various permutations and combinations but as of now we have had no success Rashmi. But he is still trying but he tells me not to get my hopes up.


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