Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life is beautiful...

I am happy. Happy, through and through.

First and foremost, it was Friday. And I love Fridays .. tender, nostalgic strings attached. Fridays also brings the hope of Saturday and Sunday – two days to wash away and cleanse our tired, exhausted selves.

It rained in the morning and that meant no sunscreens.

I learnt “how not to cook” kidney beans. And also how to guesstimate the salt requirements. A definite promotion in my personal cooking calibre.

Then we were able to finish off the fancy dress project for my 5 year old nephew, Harjas successfully. And this was a big one. For two reasons – one, I was not sure if we would be able to bring out the concept properly because we were planning to make him a solar cell. And second and more challenging task was to get him to wear the dress and speak his lines before the audience. And it was satisfying to see him eagerly donning his so called “solar energy” dress and render verbally the concept.

And more heartening was to see him jumping him all over the bed, as he narrated how each one of his friend was dressed today, how they spoke on stage, who was clapped for the most. And joy of joys, “each one of us stood first”.

My printer worked. Finally. And I could finish off some pending paper work. Harjas says it was his magic that made it work. I could not agree less. For how can I forget the look on his face when “printer eats up the blank paper and then “Abra – Ca – Dabra” ,and whoops! ink stained paper with exactly the content that you want”.

Jaiaditya, the younger nephew, has started differentiating the who’s who of his life. I can’t help but wonder how the whole family becomes a puppet in the hands of this 4 months old, teeny-weeny bundle of joy. And yes, I am favoured with breathtaking smiles and having counted the number of times he smiles on hearing me.. I am the most favoured one.

Cousin get-together. Another high point of the day. Spent a good deal of time in their wonderful company. And that also meant pakoras, French fries, vada-sambhar, idli-sambhar, gulab jamuns, and fruit salad. All in all, a mouth watering treat.

Talked to a couple of close friends. A definite unexpected fillip.

And in between all this camaraderie, managed to read a couple of stories. And I am fitting in some writing also.

And in the twilight of this wonderful Friday, I am wondering, how complete my day was.

And as I look back at this day, it looks like a mosaic. A mosaic, made from many small, joyous moments.

And I cannot help but say that “life is beautiful”.

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