Friday, May 13, 2011

Glory of bygone India

I was watching Chandragupta Maurya with family .. when school prayer started ringing in my ears. And it so perfectly suited the aura of the serial .. like made for it. I do not remember the exact lines of the prayer but I think I can fairly represent a portion of it as follows

Hum arya hain, humara itihaas hai purana
Hai surya dhwaj hamara
Kirne asankhya nana
Hum arya hain ...

Pratah sawan main hamne
Vigyaan ved paaya
Jiski vibha prabha se
Sansaar jagmagaaya, sansaar jagmagaaya
Apne ateet ko ab hum varatmaan kar dein
Hum phir daya se jag main
Anand gyaan bhar dein
Hum arya hain...

Jeevan ki jaan hain hum
Hum praan hain pawan ke
Ravi ki hain rashmiyaan hum
Hum maan hain suman ke

Bhoo par sadaa hamara
Shaasan suchakra ghooma
Hum hi rahe sadaa se
Is bhoomi ke subhooma
Hum arya hain....

Great were the times when institutes like Takshila existed and great were the teachers like Chankaya who lit the fire of learning and achieving in tender hearts like Chandragupta ..who taught the mortals to move the mountains by sheer determination.

Salute to the golden age of  India .. the glory of which beckons us all to recreate it .. to relive it.

Rise and shine :)

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